Five-Year Foundational Plan:

As BICC moves forward to accomplish its mission and business plan, the leadership team defined a five-year foundational plan to guide the organization. At the heart of the plan is the need to develop, manage, and sustain long-term growth and opportunities for BICC members and the Big Island cacao community. BICC’s leadership team approved this plan to facilitate the receipt of community benefits to members, sponsors, partners, contributors, volunteers and friends.


First, develop and manage a Resource Development Plan that succeeds through quality partnerships with interested stakeholders.

Second, develop, manage, and grow a vibrant community that centers around an online hub for Big Island cacao community members to connect, grow, and share their brands and products with global markets that are searching for them.

Third, identify interested community speakers, trainers, and leaders who will promote the Big Island cacao community movement, consistent with BICC’s mission and business plan.

Fourth, identify youth leaders who will develop opportunities utilizing new technologies that support and promote the Big Island cacao movement.

Fifth, develop, manage and promote Principles of Hawaii Cacao Stewardship, a Big Island cacao community publication, available online for basic instructions, helpful hints, and resources.

Leadership Team

The Big Island Cacao Community, BICC, leadership team approved this cacao industry model to sustain BICC’s ability to effectively and efficiently complete activities and projects. The leadership team empowers the co-founders, directors, officers, committee chairs, committees, and workgroups to work in the spirit of aloha to connect, grow and share Big Island cacao community brands and products with global markets, making them quick and easy to find.


Tom Sharkey

Steve Motherwell

Directors, 2020-2025

Tom Sharkey

Phyllis Segawa

Steve Motherwell

Mary Motherwell

Officers, 2020-2022

President, Steve Motherwell

Treasurer, Phyllis Segawa

Vice President, Daryl Sampaga

Secretary, Mary Motherwell

Committee Chairs, 2020-2022

Advisory, Steve M. & Tom S.
Communications, open
Outreach, open
Annual meeting/conference, open


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BICC Five Year Foundation Plan

BICC Stakeholder Bylaws