Why Become A Member?

  • Members are the core of this organization!

  • Members receive current, accurate, industry news, and learn how it may impact their
    ohana, business, and our community.

  • Members learn what they can do to impact the effective change they want to see.

  • Members may participate in committees and workgroups which support and enhance
    local and global opportunities for community and individual success and prosperity.

$25, one individual.

$50, ohana/small local

business, up to three individuals.


$100, medium-large local

business, up tofive individuals.

$200, non-local business, up

to five individuals.


Memberships & Sponsorships: the leadership team approved four membership and sponsorship rules

1) membership and sponsorship levels and amounts are to be paid annually.

2) memberships and sponsorships are non-transferrable.

3) memberships and sponsorships are effective on the date signed and paid.

4) memberships and sponsorships are tax-deductible contributions.

Why Become A Sponsor?


$50, 1 BICC Bux*

$100, 2 BICC Bux

$150, 3 BICC Bux

$200, 4 BICC Bux

$250, 5 BICC Bux

  • Sponsors are critical to the organizations long-term sustainability, providing current and future opportunities for leadership, advancement, and promotion.

  • Sponsors are community leaders and visionaries who understand the importance of
    industry partnerships and relationships, locally and globally.

*BICC Bux are $20 credits, redeemable for BICC tickets and merchandise. Non-transferable, one-year credits.

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